Wedding in the chapel at Farnham Castle - Farnham Wedding Photographer

I was contacted recently by the wedding organisers at Farnham Castle to supply some shots of a wedding blessing I photographed in the chapel. It was a beautiful day and it was fantastic to be able to photograph in the chapel as not many people have been lucky enough to use the chapel for their wedding or blessing ceremonies. Farnham Castle are working on this - they have plans to appoint a vicar to conduct the ceremonies in the near future, very exciting!

I thought I would post an image of the day to show you what a cosy place the chapel is and how perfect it would be for such an intimate occasion.


  1. The last person to be married at Farnham Castle was Tabo Mbeki (former president of South Africa) so people who get married here will be joining a very exclusive list!

  2. Wow - that is an exclusive list! Very interesting piece if information so thank you for letting me know.



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