Alice At 9 Months - Child and Family Portrait Photograhy, Surrey

This is the latest instalment for little Alice now 9 months. She is such a happy little girl, smiled continuously - gorgeous! We were hoping to be out in the garden for some environmental portraits but our Summer weather had other ideas so ever adaptable we went inside for the portraits instead.

Alice's sister Eleanor was on school holidays so we took the opportunity to take some photographs of her too. At 3 she is very busy and spent much of the time chatting away, making calls on her pink mobile, wiggling like a worm and generally jumping around! So very fast reaction times and a bit of patience required, but she only had to smile at you and it all seems worth the effort.

We got all 3 girls - Alice, Eleanor and her Mum together too for a few girl shots. All good fun.

Baby Alice and her beautiful smile.

Mum and Daughter

Like butter wouldn't melt!

The three girls together.

Check out my new teeth.

A big kiss from big sister.
One more visit for Alice's 12 month photograph session in November. Maybe I can catch the whole family this time and get Dad in the shots too!

Fun family and child portrait photography.


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