Handmade, Creative, Individual Wedding Albums

I will be busy this week assembling a stack of wedding albums which were delivered to the studio. It is quite a task but one which I love!

Jones & Co use only the finest quality albums from around the world, all of which are handmade. All of our albums are assembled in-house, lavished with the attention they deserve. Each page in every album is individually designed with a mix of black & white and colour photographs, using a whole page for impactful images and also pages with mixed sized images so every album is unquestionably original.

There are a choice of papers for the prints in the album. One of the really lovely papers we have  to offer is a  heavy semi gloss baryta paper. The paper contains a barium sulphate layer which gives it the look and feel to that of an traditional photograph. We also offer a matt alternative which is a heavy Rag paper. The paper is 100% cotton museum grade paper and is exceptionally smooth and gives a beautiful look and feel to your images. Both papers are acid free which gives the prints their archival qualities, meaning that your photographs will last for many years to come.

So, much thought and devotion goes into the assembly of your albums - there is much work after we shoot on the day and that is what Jones & Co Photography is known for. We know how much devotion you have poured into the details of your day and it is only fitting that we invest just as much care onto your wedding album. It is a joy to see see the couples faces as they open the box and then the album for the first time, looking at each page and reliving each image with the same emotion of the wedding day.


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