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Winter Wedding at Pine Ridge Golf Club

Did Somebody Say It Was Raining?A preview of Tracey & Russell's Wedding.
When I looked out of the window on Saturday I didn't see the cloudless blue sky I was hoping for. In fact it was raining. I thought of my bride and groom and I hoped that they weren't worried.

I needn't have been concerned as when I arrived at Pine Ridge Golf Club everything seemed to be running smoothly and the wedding party were keeping warm and dry - in the bar of course! Tracey arrived with her father and from the broad smiles on both their faces I could tell that the weather was going to have no effect on the day at all. Tracey looked absolutely stunning, her dress was beautiful with pretty lace detail and sparkles. Oh, and Russell looked rather handsome too!

The sun would have been nice but who needs it when you have such a lovely couple surrounded by their family and friends, cosy and warm sharing this special day.