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Fabulous Florist!

I just wanted to let you all know about an exceptional florist in Farnham. Hazel and her team at Eden Blooms are an accomplished team of trained creative florists and are the only florist in Farnham with Good Florist Guide status.

Congratulations to Clare and Dan - Farnham House Hotel

I just wanted to say congratulations to Clare and Dan on their Wedding yesterday at Farnham House Hotel

Such a lovely couple, a fantastic day and whilst April showed us some of its finest showers it didn't dampen the day at all.

Images of the day coming soon.

Jones & Co's Still & Motion Demonstration

A great team in a very cold warehouse

Challenging conditions with lighting, time constraints and the cold - but a nice happy bunch of guys willing to pose, if only very briefly.

Conference Photography Surrey - Jones & Co

The Gist Management Conference 2012.

PR Photography Surrey - Jones & Co

Surrey Police
The friendly face of the Neighbourhood Teams!

Jones and Co - Surrey Police Newsletter Photography

Recent photography for Surrey Police Neighbourhood Newsletters.

Long Weekend

Although it is Thursday - who’s got the weekend buzz?
Long weekend ahead and I can’t wait. It may be dull and raining outside, but the thought of a 4 day weekend gives me a warm feeling inside!

Friday Feeling

I’m enjoying a weekend off this weekend and very much looking forward to it.

It’s been a really very busy past few weeks, we’ve done some fantastic work for some great clients. I’m going to enjoy the weekend relaxing, perhaps pottering around in the garden before starting a 2 week job for Surrey Police.

Have a great weekend all.

Jones & Co - Surrey Wedding Photography

It’s all in the details.

Stunning ‘Moc Croc’ Personalized Album - Clandon House Wedding

Another gorgeous album ready for delivery. Mel & Brad chose a stunning ‘moc croc’ cover and added a personal touch with one of their favourite images on the cover.
I know they will be thrilled with the finished article - I am!

Leapt into proposals ladies?

So have any of you frustrated ladies proposed to the partner in your life? Maybe after not having be proposed to on Valentine’s Day you have taken control of the situation, taken the opportunity and got down on bended knee? Or are you firm traditionalists and you know they will ask and are patiently waiting!
It’s today or 2016. Me? Still patiently waiting…..

Baby Photography Surrey - Meet Alice

The gorgeous Alice. Taken on her 3rd month in the world - and she seems to have it all sussed!