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Nostalgia Now and For The Future

A week-or-so ago there was a thing on Facebook called 'Way Back Week'. A lovely idea, where people dug out their old photographs and posted one as their profile picture for that week. What absolute fun, and a time consuming experience that was - rummaging through the packets of photographs, howling with laughter at our clothes, remembering important occasions and feeling sentimental about friends lost.

What struck me was that those packets of photographs came to quite an abrupt end at a period of my life. What happened? Did my parents no longer want to fill drawers of these moments in history, ready to be pulled out, ready to embarrass or reminisce at a moments notice? No, Mum was always ready to do that. So why? I have to say it was digital cameras, then smart phones. We no longer needed to print anything - all our memories were right there at a touch of a button, stored on hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, in the cloud... This is genius, right?

I'm afraid I have to disag…