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What Price On Professional Photography?

I read an interesting article recently from Rock N Roll Bride on thinking carefully about asking a friend or relative to take your wedding photographs.

Loads of good advice and it was good that the writer understands that not everyone can afford to employ a photographer at £2000 or to some people there are things of a much higher priority to spend their wedding budget on. I am of exactly the same opinion - spend the most and on the best you can afford on the parts that matter the most. Now the 'but' - but remember that at the end of the day the photographs will tell the story and show the detail of this momentous occasion. In years to come when hard drives have failed, smart phones have been lost - you will have a professional album full of memories altogether in one place.

I adore being a photographer and I invest time, effort and eagerness into everything I do. I love working with people and get so enthused about their wedding plans and how I can make their photographs a ref…