Phew, What a Scorcher!

Thursday was certainly a touch warm, didn't realise just how warm until I stepped outside after being in the comfort of my lovely refreshing air conditioned workroom and wham, it hit me like walking into the path of 50 hairdryers. I soaked up a few rays then beat a hasty retreat. Then last night we had thunderstorms and quite a downpour which I thought was quite refreshing until I remembered that my washing was still on the line.

Just how do you accommodate for the British weather in your wedding plans? Most brides fear the rain, but a heatwave can be just a big a challenge. I have that type of hair that only has to have any threat of any type of moisture, rain or humidity, and it reacts with such extremity that I resemble the iconic images of Albert Einstein, without the moustache I hasten to add. 

In this blog, let's deal with a hot wedding today. You wake up on the morning of your wedding day and the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Absolutely fantastic, fabulous news, just what you dreamed of but how do you keep you, and your guests, cool when it's 30 plus degrees when you say 'I do'? Whatever the weather holds in store for the day, it is still going to be perfect, but I've put together a few ideas that might help with surviving a scorcher.

  • The girls will probably have had a trial hair-do, but if you can opt for a style that is tied back or up, makes you feel much fresher. You could consider getting some hair ties for your guests too so that they can change their style when things get hot.
  • A good quality primer will help your make up stay in place and go for a powder based foundation. Keep some blotting paper to hand especially for the photographs this will stop you looking too shiny. And it's not just for the girls, the boys can get hot under the collar, eco friendly wipes can freshen them up or a super cool bandana for mopping their brow just before the big speech.
  • Keep a few bottles of sun cream on hand. We can all get caught out, some of the supermarket brands are great value and have excellent UVA and UVB ratings, keeping us all safe.
  • Find some sunny accessories for your guests - funky sunnies, fans and flip flops will all be very welcome and make for some fun photographs too!
  • Keep hydrated. Make sure you keep sipping water throughout the day and consider offering guests thirst quenching fruit mocktails straight after the ceremony before the bubbles. Watermelon is over 90% water and source of electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium and is also an excellent source of other important nutrients. Cucumber isn't just for gin! Juiced cucumber is about 96% water and also a great source of vitamin K. Hydrating and healthy too. Served up in jam jars and trendy glasses it doesn't have to be boring.
  • For shots of the couple, find a lovely shady spot, under the trees, in doorways or under arches. The light will be much softer and more even and you will not be squinting. It will also give you bit of time to cool off.
  • Stop me and buy one! Consider hiring an ice cream van or vintage cart. It's a talking point and everyone young and old alike will love it. You could even have it as the dessert.


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